Butterfly Scarf - Multi-Styling Scarf - GoldenRod Lace

Butterfly Scarf - Multi-Styling Scarf - GoldenRod Lace


Please watch the Video on the innovative styling effects of our Butterfly Scarf.
Our New and Original Pop Accessory innovative Butterfly Scarf is the Infinity Re-imagined! The styling capabilities of this scarf will help you expand your fashion wardrobe with ease and convenience! The Butterfly Scarf adds color and style to any fashion wardrobe.

Wear the Butterfly Scarf casually with a tee-shirt and jeans, style it and rock it with your feminine business attire or elegantly worn over a black dress, the Butterfly Scarf is a conversation accessory!

The Butterfly Scarf was created for the busy woman who wants to look and feel good in a nanosecond! Choose the color that best complements the colors you have in your fashion Wardrobe!



Material: 100% Polyester - Machine Washable

Total Length: 64"

Width: 11"


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